Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Tom Giberson PhD Leadership Institute

  • 2

    Mentoring Foundations

  • 3

    Expert Mentoring Strategies & Tools

    • Download Your Mentor Guidebook

    • Welcome to Your Mentor Guidebook

    • Using this Guidebook

    • 1 My Motivation to Mentor

    • 2 Me the Mentor

    • 3 My Mentoring Skills

    • 4 Feedback from Others

    • 5 My Mentor Strengths & Growth Areas

    • 6 The Ideal Mentee for Me

    • 7 Mentoring Startup

    • 8 Tracking Mentoring Discussions

    • 9 Mentoring Tools

  • 4

    Wrap-Up & Next Steps

    • Wrap-up

    • Program Feedback -- Please give 5 minutes for program improvement!

Grow the Next Generation

  • Mentor Like a Pro

    Learn the mindset and values of a highly effective mentor who knows precisely how to give back and grow the next generation!

  • Grow as a Leader

    The best mentors realize that the mentoring relationship is also a growth opportunity for themselves. Includes strategies and tools to challenge and support your own growth!

  • Guide Mentee Growth and Ownership

    Learn to challenge and support mentees as a Guide on their growth journey, while encouraging them to take ownership for their own behavior, learning, and growth.

  • Alignment

    Fully self-contained program that also aligns perfectly with the Advancing Leader Coaching Series: Advance your Leadership Career--found on this site!

  • Expert Guidebook

    Includes an in-depth Mentor Guidebook that takes you step-by step to prepare for, identify, and work with an ideal mentee!