Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Tom Giberson PhD Leadership Institute

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    Mentoring Foundations

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    Expert Mentee Strategies & Tools

    • Download Your Mentee Guidebook

    • Welcome to Your Mentee Guidebook

    • Using this Guidebook

    • 1 My Motivation to Work with a Mentor

    • 2 Feedback from Others

    • 3 My Mentee Profile

    • 4 My Mentee Strengths & Growth Areas

    • 5 The Ideal Mentor for Me

    • 6 My Authentic Approach

    • 7 Mentoring Startup Guide

    • 8 Tracking Mentoring Discussions

    • 9 Mentee Tools

  • 4

    Wrap-Up & Next Steps

    • Wrap-up

    • Program Feedback -- Please give 5 minutes for program improvement!

Lead, Grow, & Change with a Mentor

  • Develop a Leadership Mindset

    Develop an ownership mindset for your own growth and development. Learn what great mentors look for in a mentee and how to be that 'ideal mentee.'

  • Feedback Intensive

    Learn to seek and leverage feedback from others to guide and prioritize your growth goals--even before you have a mentor. Guides you through clear steps to ask for and get good feedback ... while building relationships with a mentor -- or potential mentor along the way!

  • Lead, Grow, & Change

    Learn and apply expert strategies and tools to find and work with a mentor to get the most from the experience!

  • Mentee Workbook

    Includes an expertly crafted workbook that guides you step-by-step to implement the mindset and attitudes of an ideal mentee that mentors want to work with.

  • Strategic Growth System

    Aligns perfectly with the Aspiring Leader Coaching Series: Launch Your Leadership Career program on this site. Also provides a fully self-contained mentee growth process all on its own!